Pursuit to Appomattox
140th Anniversary of Lee's Surrender
Appomattox, VA
April 8-10, 2005

The biggest event of the season fell early on the season's calendar: Appomattox. Some veterans had made the pilgrimage before but for the 67th and most of its members, this was our first time visiting where the War ended. Indeed it was the LONGEST we've ever traveled for an event thereby ensuring we'll be attending only for the big anniversaries. Still, thirteen of us braved the nine-hour journey deep into the heart of Virginia. Mother Nature blessed us with sun and verdant green settting for Saturday's battle scenario and Sunday's surrender ceremony. We even had enough time on Sunday morning to visit Appomattox Courthouse itself only three miles away. All it all, it was well worth the journey.
Dawn breaks Get yer coffee! Breakfast with the 61st New York Cpl. O'Brien
Pvt Jones and Pvt Casey Inspecting the Artillery Matt and Jerry Pvt Collins
Ever Vigilant Ever Vigilant Ever Vigilant. Upper Echelon of the 61st NY
Lining up for the day's battle Colonel Magagle taking charge Lucifer T. Daniels First Company as skirmish line
Forming back into line Over hill and over dale... Charging uphill Dead Man's view
Dead Man's view The spectator's perspective Sean and Terrance TJ and his biggest fan
First Company's street The day comes to a close Men ready for Sunday's tactical Pvt Kent fixing his hardtack