The Grange Americana Festival
Sayville, NY
June 13, 2009

Upon the Town of Islip's invite (our landlord at the Grange) we set up camp for their Americana Festival as a rehearsal for the far larger Civil War weekend we have planned in September. Some men stayed from Friday through Sunday and for the main event on Saturday we had a Muster Roll eleven men strong. Plus we received period backup from Diane Fish of the 30th Virginia. Our crisp drills and the public's satisfaction bodes well for the Autumn.
Morning in Camp King of the Commissary Lining up for Drill Drill
Stacking Arms The Assistant Cook Natural Gas Life under the Mini-Fly
Good Neighbor Supper Time All Quiet Pvt Farr and Sgt Casey
Friendly Competition Post-meal siesta Man in a Uniform MUSTER ROLL