April 18, 1950 - September 29, 2018

Our Private Dow was already well known to us as he had been a member of our local Confederate comrades, the 30th Virginia, for many years. When Bruce chose to join the Union ranks, it was a smooth transition. Sadly, it was about the same time that he entered in early 2016, Bruce's health precluded him from falling in the ranks however he threw himself into camp life and helping with our school programs. Bruce holds the honorable distinction of attending all of our school programs for the 2016 season. That same year, Bruce helped out our Commissary during our 8th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange. When his health forced him to move to Florida to be close with family, Bruce was every optomistic and eager to wear the uniform again. Bruce's light was brief in our regiment but it burned brightly. Rest in Peace, Bruce.

Bruce guarding Confederate Camp Standing sentry Bruce with fellow 30th VA member Bruce at the annual Smithtown Historical Society Wondering what's in the pot Bruce with Miss Diane Bruce at Nassakeag Elementary School Bruce joined our... Demonstrating loading and firing Draw Rammer! At the Shoulder Arms And now in B&W The Muster Roll for the day Bruce's one time in Blue at SHS Bruce with our full Muster Roll Bruce with Bones at East Northport Middle School Drawing the Rammer again Keeping Cool Bruce at Island Trees Memorial Middle School Joining Bruce, our two Sergeants Standing with our Grand National Showing how to load and fire Aim... Fixing the bayonet Charge Bayonets! Bruce at William S. Covert Elementary Before the storm Bruce with Fred & Max Looking good in the background Loading and Firing Teaching about the musket More rammers! Bruce holding up a percussion cap At the Ready Bruce going for game Final Pic