Ordnance Sergeant, William Atkins

November 4, 1940 - April 16, 2023

Before Bill arrived at the Grange in the Summer of 2017, he already had considerable reenacting experience under his belt having served in a West Virginia regiment and briefly with our local comrades in the 9th Virginia. As such, Bill fell in with ease and despite being considerably older still went out in the field at such big events as Gettysburg and Cedar Creek.

Possessing a wide variety of invaluable skills, Bill was enormously helpful and generous with cleaning and maintaining the memberships musketry as our Ordnance Sergeant. He also assisted with the operations of the Association and always made himself available for our most important events such as our annual Grange weekend and the school programs. Speaking of education, at our local living histories he would set up his very impressive flag displays and teach the public all about the standards used on both sides during the Civil War (his lesson comprises the first part of the video).

And even as the years went on, Bill showed few signs of slowing down. Bill could keep up with the youngest of us and while hardworking always knew how to lighten up and have a good time. Even into his eighties, at the crack of dawn, you could find Bill chopping wood for the commissary. A genuine war veteran, we mourning his passing and we are all honored that he spent his remaining years with us. Rest in peace, Bill.

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