Juneteenth Memorial Service and Grave Rededication

Hauppauge, NY

June 17, 2023

The 67th NY assisted the Society of the Grand Army of the Republic (SoGAR) with the unveiling of three new headstones in Hauppauge Rural Cemetery on the grounds of Hauppauge Methodist Church. The three headstones were for WWI veteran, David Walker, and two Civil War Veterans, Wesley Wheeler and Alfred Griffin, the latter a self-emancipated slaved that served in the US Navy.

Hauppauge Methodist Church going over the program What, me worry? serving as Chaplain today Before the unveiling carrying the National Veteran Wesley Wheeler getting the men in line Marching uphill Presenting Arms decent sized crowd awaiting the cue Firing a volley presenting the flag the SoGAR Recessional The newly unveiled headstones Presenting Arms the Benediction One last pose