Living History at Smithtown Historical Society

Smithtown, NY

May 27, 2023

Instead of our annual school program, the Smithtown Historical Society held a Living History for the general public this Memorial Day weekend. In spite of tough competition from other events, we did a pretty good job drawing in the public. George Munkenbeck did his surgeon impression while the 67th NY & 30th VA (with some help from the 9th VA) took care of teaching about the foot soldier. At 2pm, we held a lesson on Manual of Arms & Loading and Firing before going into a skirmish.

George & Mollie Getting ready for some drill Backing up a little Our younger Privates Frank Olszewski First Sergeant today the Manual of Arms The Enemy Camp opted for a shebang We were pretty busy Camp of the 30th Virginia assembling the men Marching out in one rank The Narrator Before the skirmish At Parade Rest Skirmishing on the green Having a rest Just about to wrap up MUSTER ROLL