160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg, PA

June 22 - 25, 2023

With the retirement of many of the event organizers after the 150s, a new generation of reenactors stepped forward, the Patriots of the Civil War Association (PCWA), to carry our hobby forward with the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. And for their first time out, they did a splendid job ensuring that we had all the essentials including straw, wood, water, sanitation, etc. including a reenactor friendly layout with most everything at a (relatively) convenient distance.

The 67th NY managed to pull together a full company with 12 muskets, two officer, and our Commissary crew, the latter keeping us extremely well fed throughout the weekend in terms of quality and quantity. We served as Second Company in our battalion, the 2nd Federal Rifles, encamped next to our usual neighbors, the 69th Pennsylvania.

As for weather… well, anyone who attended the 145th in 2008 would’ve had major flashbacks. We had plenty of rain, showers, and fog especially at the start. But by late Saturday, we started seeing clearer skies. We still had sun-showers on Sunday but thankfully the canvas was dry by the time we broke camp. Best part: the temps never reached past the 80s.

Several of us arrived early on Thursday to get a head start. Late Friday, we fought the McPherson’s Ridge scenario in an eerie fog setting that looked pretty cool. On Saturday afternoon, there was the Wheatfield scenario that was just as confusing as the real thing (thankfully not as bloody). The East Cemetery Hill scenario in the early evening was optional but took place under a spectacular sunset. Last but not least, there was the finale of Pickett’s Charge. We had showers during most of it but it didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

While maybe not as grandiose as previous anniversaries, the 160th still drew in about 4,000 reenactors and the weekend ended without incident. Kudos to the PCWA for volunteering for the thankless job of making these special events happen. Let’s hope we can all keep this going up to the 165th in 2028.

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under construction setting up the canvas bratwurst & beans Matt Foley of the 118th NY making 'coffee balls' Chef Dean BACON!!! The Iron Brigade drilling on the adjoining field The others start arriving drilled sans the muskets the First Corps The Lieutenant slumming The 2nd Federal Rifles A wide shot great looking flag Pvt. Joe Badamo The pondering Pvt Tom and Scott The Loafing 67th NY It ain't a battle Chuck Young returned always the center of attention Support from the Cavalry Picture Perfect The 2nd Federal Rifles