Educational Program
East Northport Middle School

East Northport, NY

May 4, 2023

We managed to pull this one off by the skin of our teeth. The night's heavy rain finally stopped literally just moments before the program started. Not a drop to be felt afterwards! This was another Boots & Saddles combo platter of all things Civil War including Federal Infantry (the 67th), Confederate Infantry (the 30th VA), Federal Artillery (6th NY Independent Battery), period cooking (Miss Diane), field music (Max Rowland and Erik Lichack) and, of course, the 10th NY Cavalry.

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Mother Nature spared us commissary display Lieutenant Kent how the sword was used Pvt. Sherret the 30th Virginia Our Emcee a weapon of intimidation the Lieutenant's sword Hardtack period lunch The Swinging Troubadour Our model dog tent very first school program the 10th NY Cavalry