4th Annual Civil War Christmas
at St. John's Episcopal Church

Oakdale, NY

December 11, 2021

Fortunately, Mother Nature stopped the rain long enough so that we could return to St. John's Episcopal Church after a two year absence. Organized by the Oakdale Historical Society, the event had chamber music by the OBMS String Ensemble, Victorian Christmas Caroling by the Bay Area Friends of the Fine Arts, the OBMS Show Choir, a Q&A session with a Civil War Soldier (a new feature), a musical performance by the Long Island Baroque Ensemble, St. Nicholas of course, and Chaplain George Munkenbeck's finale with his Civil War Christmas service.

Our Drummer, Joe Badamo Our Fab Five Bugle and Drum two dog tents Ord. Sgt. Atkins Society of the Grand Army of the Republic Our sad drummer boy ladies of the Oakdale Historical Society The star of the show some sordid activities on the set of a Tim Burton movie Move over Christmas Fruitcake! our hosts & organizers Paul & Tom Tom & George inside the very beautiful and historic St. John's Your Correspondent The OBMS String Ensemble George introducing The National of the 14th Brooklyn Victorian Christmas Caroling the Christmas Tree In the gazebo the Long Island Baroque Ensemble The finale