Monthly Meeting & Drill
at the Grange

Sayville, NY

November 28, 2021

Four our last meeting & drill of the 2021 season, we were treated to snow flurries. After reviewing our performance at Remembrance Day, we practiced changing Manual of Arms while staying in cadence. During our meeting we recapped the previous year that was sort of 50/50 but we managed to get in some big events under our belts not least of which was our Grange event in October. Let's hope in 2022 we get 100% back on our feet.

Despite the flurries marching in cadence Left-foot/Right-foot acting as First Sgt. Marching in place in two ranks Right Shoulder Shift in cadence Moving onto execution Marking Time in cadence Time to try it out on the march keeping an eye on the step Right Shoulder Shift Not yet quite in step Back to shoulder arms the Captain dismisses us the last meeting of the season SCHOOL'S OUT!!!