Armed Forces Day at St. John's Episcopal Church

Oakdale, NY

May 23, 2021

The Oakdale Historical Society along with the Town of Islip Historian (and fellow reenactor, George Munkenbeck) hosted an Armed Service Day at historic St. John's Episcopal Church in Oakdale, LI. At each of the four gravesites containing the remains of Civil War veterans we performed a short ceremony while George read off a biography for each. While public attendance was light we were all more than happy to simply be back in action.

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we prep for their Armed Forces Day Drummer Boy, Joe Badamo Prez and Sarge Oakdale Historical Society George Munkenbeck Regimental Flag of the 14th Brooklyn we always persevere Twin Nationals A friendly audience readying for the march the first of the four graves Sergeant John H. Snedecor thankfully in the shade desk duty MUSTER ROLL