Educational Program
Walt Whitman High School

Huntington, NY

May 31, 2019

Today's program could not have been more perfectly timed. No only was there NO RAIN but today's date marked the 200th Birthday of Walt Whitman. The Good Grey Poet wrote a great deal of poems & prose on the Civil War and served three years in the hospitals of Washington City as a nurse. Less than 1/4 a mile from us, the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association was holding a massive part at his birth home which still stands today.

Our setup for this morning Have you seen this man, lately? Lt. Kent pointing out the heel plates And here's a percussion cap Trying on a greatcoat dual purpose technology A recruit with a blanket roll The frock coat A piece of hardtack Ord. Sgt. Atkins the muzzle and not the breech some actual bullets Minie Balls loading and firing Pour cartridge Ram Cartridge Heading out for the firing demo FIRE! Our noisy neighbors hospital leftovers Our two reps from the 30th VA The Star of the Show hospital demo still life expo Happy 200th Birthday, Walt!