Remembrance Day

Gettysburg, PA

November 22 - 23, 2019

We returned to Gettysburg for our 22nd Remembrance Day and our first time with our new Commanding Officer, Captain Tom Demaria, leading the Company. For those arriving early on Friday, we joined our now Gettysburg resident, Ron Ottone, on one of his tours of the battlefield. This time we covered a small portion of the First Day's fighting. Friday night, we had our big dinner at the Garryownen that included our Special Guest, Carol Niessing, and special entertainment provided by our own Dennis Phelps & Max Rowland. We hit a snag on Saturday morning when we found the gates to Culp's Hill inexplicably shut not only to us but all the other regiments wishing to pay their annual homage to the original regiments. Fortunately, a passing Ranger did let us in and we placed wreaths at our monument and that of the 65th NY. The Captain presented the Medal of the Army of the Potomac to our Ord. Sergeant, Bill Hohnhorst, and campaign medals to our Commissary Crew. Thankfully, Mother Nature held off the rain until after the parade. On Saturday night, we dined for the first time in the new lodge at the Ski Liberty at a place called the Eagle & Owl.


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General Buford's memorial Our Ron Ottone Seminary Ridge Mr. Phelps returns Memorial to the 151st PA Dennis, Tom, and Brian Posing at the Seminary The Captain makes a toast at the Garryowen Our Special Guest Jamming at the Garryowen Lumpy and his concertina Dennis sticking with the guitar Bootleg copies And the party continues Acting First Sgt. Atkins The Commander's first time The Back of the Army of the Potomac medal HUZZAH!!! Our Commissary Guys First one goes to Pvt McKay Jim Cuzzo Paul Brinkman