Changing of the Guard - Farewell to the Captain
March Meeting & Drill

Sayville, NY

March 31, 2019

The Times Are a Chagin'... after serving as our Captain since the beginning, and seven terms as President, Joe Bilardello passed the reins of command to Lieutenant Tom Demaria, henceforward, Captain Tom Demaria. And as VP, Tom will serve as President until our elections next January. We had a record turnout, including Special Guests, for a unique moment like this. We started off with Joe's last drill that was fortunately spared the rain that later fell the same day. Out in the field, Joe handled over the Regimental Colors to symbolize the passing of authority to a new military leader. Then, we moved into the Chapel where Joe presided over the last meeting. We presented Joe with a gift and he handed over the gavel to Tom. Once all the formalities were over, we walked over to Blackbird's Grille for the Afterparty. Best of luck to the Bilardellos as they climb into the stagecoach for their ride out to Texas."

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our last monthly drill with the Captain close to a full muster the Manual of Arms Keeping it Simple Mother Nature spared us column of fours Right Face Right Face Left Face By Files, Right Waiting in the wings Drill done General Orders from the Adjutant Special Order No. 1 The Sgt. Major trades in his stripes Calling in the help Joe's Wingmen More appropriate attire Presenting Arms Special Order No. 2 Command is given to another our new Captain Our new Captain has a few words Homework Joe says a few words