Memorial Day Service
at Captain Dermody Triangle

Bayside, NY

May 31, 2019

Originally scheduled for May 30th, the Bayside Historical Society postponed this ceremony at Captain Dermody Triangle one day later for the storms to clear out. The date change whittled down our larger, original Muster down to five men. One of the few Civil War monuments in Queens, Captain William Dermody actually served in the original 67th NY, First Long Island in Company K and was killed in action at Spotsylvania. His sister, owner of the land around the marker, erected the monument in his honor. Many local politicians were present as the park recently underwent major renovations. While there may not be many photos, we managed to capture a lot on video, including a speech by our Captain.


Less than Ideal keeping the fires burning Regimental huddle Jim & Mike Mike Sweeney solo