Monthly Meeting & Drill at the Grange

Sayville, NY

August 26, 2018

We had remarkably mild weather for August to conduct our monthly drill. Observing us today were Bonnie Grice and her husband, Stephen Gould, who are putting on a stage production of the Red Badge of Courage in Southampton. Stephen was good enough to snap some photos while we were in action. We can only hope the weather is this good three weeks from now for our 10th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange.

Herding the Cats Special Guests Coleman and Blander Lining the men up Finding a shady spot In Place Rest Right Shoulder Shift! Shoulder Arms! Support Arms! Good Posture Get those forearms parallel Our National Lt. and Capt. Our Lt. and the National Ramming Right Up in one swift motion That's it! Draw Rammer, Return Rammer, Repeat T your feet, man! That's better Keep the musket close to your side Like this Aim... Getting in two ranks Canteen break The Officers take over The Captain talks Into a column of fours...