Smithtown Historical Society Civil War School Program

Smithtown, NY

May 19, 2017

This was the 14th annual Smithtown Historical Society Civil War school program and by far this was the HOTTEST. Temperatures hovered around 90F and shade was never in higher demand from solider and civilian alike. We teamed up with the usual suspects...the 9th, 30th, & 57th Virginia plus our Horse Soldier friends in the 10th NY Cavalry. Hey, it's far better than rain!!!



Nelson's Table Straw hat Flags of the day Your Correspondent Happy Rebs!!! Getting the Pellegrino Process Looking for Shade More smiling Col. Sgt. Dan Blander Camp of the 9th Virginia Jim in Repose Fresh Fish, Joe Corrado The 10th NY Cavalry Paint me Frank Grabbing the Rings Charging Forward the Horse Soldiers combined Confederate forces Busy in the 9th VA camp I see red!