Living History at Maple Grove Cemetery

Kew Gardens, NY

June 17, 2017

We were deceived most cruelly by the weatherman for our second visit to Maple Grove Cemetery in Queens. The 'Passing Showers' that began one hour into our program were in reality a dense rain that drove away the hitherto large crowd and drove us under the fly or into the Victorian home on the premises where we were fed very well by our host, Carl Ballenas. We adapted and still a few hardy tourists came to visit. However, up until the rain started, in just one hour we were intensely busy and collected $65.00 for battlefield preservation. Imagine what donations might have accrued in fairer weather! Maybe on the third visit...


The Happy Sergeant! Right out of the gate Before the Flood Still Life Fixing a Musket Our Host Drum Roll, please Unfix Bayonets Our Lt. Stillwell Right Shoulder Shift Present Arms Our Quartermaster The Club Bayonet Priming the musket At the Ready Utilitarian Bayonets fixed Chairman of the Board Demonstrating the Gum Rubber Passing Showers? The courageous ones