Monthly Drill at the Grange

Sayville, NY

June 25, 2017

We had perfect summer weather for our June drill and with our Private Eric Seeman on the sick roll (with poison ivy) we had a man available to document one of our monthly drills. In our meeting, we discussed our efforts in saving the Leaning Civil War Soldier of Patchogue monument and passed around the collection of original CDVs that we have acquired of the original soldiers of the 67th NY, First Long Island Volunteers.

Great turnout right shoulder shift id= Our First Sgt. Moyer Present Arms Fresh Fish... Captain Peck The Sergeants Eyes forward! Getting into two ranks Column of Fours On the hunt Found some First Sergeant Moyer By Company into Line By Company into Line Shoulder Arms at the halt Right Wheel Firing Positions Leveling the muskets Rear Rank Distance Back in Fours Steven Badamo playing cadence MUSTER ROLL Leaning CW Soldier of Patchogue Compelling Our collection Our youngest recruit Private Regan inspecting