Center Moriches Middle School

Center Moriches, NY

June 8, 2017

Commander Frank Bradford of the 10th NY Cavalry invited us to join him at Center Moriches Middle School for a full day demo. This was our first time performing at the school. In the morning, we set up camp inside the track and at noon there was a Cavalry and Infantry demo with firing. And there was lots and lots of food! Center Moriches certainly knows how to keep a soldier happy.


Four fifths Bill Sommers making with the introductions potential recruits Leading by example the lesson on the musket muzzle-loading weapon MiniƩ Balls Ramming Cartridge Priming Ready Aim Banana Charge Bayonets dual purpose technology Hardtack Posing with our flags It's all about the shoes Smiling Trooper Commander Frank Bradford in action Move or Die aiming for cabbage Escape from Joe FIRE! Presenting Arms