Smithtown Historical Society Civil War School Program

Smithtown, NY

May 15, 2015

The weather was perfect for the annual Smithtown Historical Society's Civil War school program. The 9th Virginia, 30th Virginia, 57th Virginia, and 10th New York Cavalry joined the 67th NY to educate almost 1,200 students from all over Long Island. Right after breaking camp that day, many of us headed south to Washington City for the Grand Review.


Training our Freshest Fish Lots of our wares Sgt. Moyer We want you Surveillance of Enemy Camp Secure Arms Support Arms the 9th Virginia Busy but not overwhelmed The half-cocked weapon A better view of our Grand National Combined Confederate forces Frank and Melanie A relaxed momement Sheep! The Ball is Opened The Commander's wife Need more Ammo Lots of Gray Man down!