The Battle of Bentonville

Bentonville, NC

March 21 - 22, 2015

One of our own, First Sergeant Private Moyer (a/k/a Jeff Speight) made the harrowing 10 hour drive to North Carolina joining in with the 118th NY and 141st PA of the USV's for this 150th anniversary event. For March, the weather was cooperative (and dry) and the men thanked Providence for creating land of soft, sandy soil into which they easily dug trenches with their tin ware. And the Sergeant was kind enough to document his sojourn with his camera and commentary.

Our camp site Our camp site 10th Company the 2nd Rgmt of the USVs In the Cornfield the 141st PA and 118th NY Digging our first trench Sandy Soil Holding the line Waiting for the onslaught Lt. Kurt The whites of their eyes Uncovering for Taps DAY 2 The Army of the Ohio Text Book Trench Your Correspondent Tom LePointe Rebs are massing The first wave Here they come! A pause in the assault Pete Gilbert The 2nd assault The Boys of Bentonville Don't Forget the Girls The Genuine Article