Smithtown Historical Society Civil War School Program
10th Anniversary (2004 - 2014)

Smithtown, NY

May 16, 2014

This year marked the 10th anniversary of Smithtown Historical Society's Civil War school program. The 9th Virginia, 30th Virginia, and 10th New York Cavalry joined the 67th NY to celebrate this impressive milestone. Given the uncertain weather, the 67th NY split its forces between the Brush Barn and an outdoor camp. Fortunately, the forecasted deluge waited after we packed up for the day.
Congratulations to the SHS and all those that stuck with this important educational experience through good years and bad.
Here's to making it to twenty!.


Where it All Began This year's Color Guashs Our Tribute Capt. Lewis Peck Placing the wreath Lt. Kirby Russell Sgt. Patrick O'Reilly Last Woshss A brief pause Ready to Move Paying tribute to the 65th NY The Captain and Lieutenant Twin Salute Presenting Arms MUSTER ROLL Father and Son The Parade Begins