New York Historical Society
Homefront and Battlefield Exhibition

New York, NY

April 13, 2014

Making its third appearance at the New York Historical Society, the 67th NY supported their Homefront and Battlefield Exhibit that displayed quilts, textiles, clothing, and other artifacts pertaining to the Civil War. Included was the Regimental Flag of the 39th New York and even a hemp rope noose said to be used to hang abolitionist John Brown. We fielded nine men and rotated squads outside the entrance on Central Park West to entice the crowd however the Museum of Natual History just one block north offered stiff competition.

The Sergeant's display Our new Commissary Sergeant Colors of the the 39th New York Under glass Stacked Arms Museum Worthy Sentinels Clean Your Weapon! At the entrance Your Correspondent Central Park West Shall Not Covet Clever Displays John's Display Tough Act to Follow Well Earned Rest MUSTER ROLL