The Missing in America Project
Interment of Civil War Remains

Farmingdale, NY

June 22, 2013

The Missing in America Project (MIAP) reached out to us in January about assisting with the interment of the remains of two Civil War soldiers. The MIAP collects the unclaimed remains, mostly cremated (or 'cremains') of war veterans from funeral homes and the like for a proper burial at a National Ceremony. This was their first time encountering Civil War remains so they asked us for assistance and we in turn reached out to our friends in the community including George Munkenbeck of Co. H, 14th Brooklyn, the 10th NY Cavalry, and the Daughters of Union Veterans. Even more appropriate and by sheer coincidence, these two Civil War veterans (Henry Eggers and Emanuel Lederer) belonged to the 39th NY, better known as the Garibaldi Guard for which there is a current Living History group based only just upstate. The 39th NY sent several of their men down to help and haul the caisson carrying the remains to the ceremony. Additionally, several dozen other veterans were honored interred from 20th Century wars. We had brilliant weather for this June Saturday and drew a huge audience including plenty of media. This was truly a unique and rare honor for all involved.


What are you wearing? Inspection Arms Standing on Arms Reverse Arms Garibaldi Guard Mr. Phelps Our Ladies in Mourning Lt. Kirby Russell Riderless Horse The Hearse Marching in at Reverse Arms Pulling the Caisson Their own private table Stand on Arms George giving an invocation Flowers Bestowed No Small Affair Henry Eggers Emanuel Lederer A bugle plays Three rifle volleys Keeping in the shade George and Lynne Reading the Names All Wars represented Strike the Bell Folding the Flag Frank and George MUSTER ROLL