Living History at Amityville Historical Society

Amityville, NY

June 8, 2013

The 67th NY, First Long Island was invited to participate at the 44th Annual Heritage Fair thrown by the Amityville Historical Society and we managed to muster thirteen men for our first time at this event. Skies were threatening at times but the rain held off. At noon, we assisted at a noontime ceremony outside Town Hall where we fired off volleys in honor of living war veterans. Otherwise, we greeting the public at our humble camp in front of Park Avenue Elementary and fired off some powder to get some attention.

Pro Advert Park Avenue Life under the Fly Falling in for drill Inspection Arms The Real Thing Reverse Arms Loading Level those muskets Loading Marching to Town Hall Stacking Arms The REAL veterans Pvt Deigan Cpl Moyer Getting a Breeze Drawing a Crowd Charging Bayonets MUSTER ROLL