9th Annual Smithtown Historical Society
Civil War Program

Smithtown, NY

May 18, 2012

This year we had the Best Weather Ever for the annual Smithtown Historical Society program and we enjoyed every ray of sunshine. The 67th NY fielded its largest contingent thus far: 16 men total. The usual suspects were in attendance: the 9th, 30th, and 57th Virginia infantry plus Dr. Mike Callaghan and the 10th NY Cavalry. Unfortunately, Jackson's Flying Artillery was not available so we had a second infantry skirmish to fill in their slot. We had a total of 1,300 kids visit and everyone was in a good mood thanks to the exceptional clime. If only we can count on this every year...

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Our Company Street Earning their day off from School Representing the 10th NY Cavalry A gathering of minds Fellow shutterbug Miss Diane Fish drilling the 30th VA The tsunami strikes the shore Our new cook, Max Rowland Combined Confederate forces Dismounted Cavalryman Sgt. Tom Strong Private Laurino fires The 67th NY marches out Union forces deploy into a skirmish line The Confederates deploy loading and firing too much smiling Sergeant Kent fires off a volley The Confederates keep up the heat giving it right back