The Making of The Rapture
An NYU Student Film

Sayville, NY

January 22, 2012

We helped out several NYU Graduate Film Students in making a short Civil War themed film entitled The Rapture that was part of their 'Finals' prior to graduation. We spent about 10 hours in the snow making this and the NYU students spent yet another full day of shooting out at the Grange to complete the work. Making movies is a lot more work than appears. Still, it was interesting. Starring in this masterpiece of period drama were George Munkenbeck, Mike Laurino, Jerald Lane, and Your Correspondent.


George studying his lines the main star of the film The Cast Setting the shot CGI filled in the rest A little to the left the pretend fire Suffering for art The Sound Guy! More blood! MORE! a convincing 'change' of scene getting used to Brogans A snooze off set Warming up in the chapel Back to work The Opening Scene our extras A good shot he only one with a speaking part