New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade

New York, NY

March 17, 2012

After another five years, the 67th NY returned to the grandest St. Pat's Parade of them all in Gotham on what can only be described as the Best Weather Ever. Once again, we fell in with the 61st NY at the 69th New York's Armory on Lexington Avenue to recreate the Civil War version of that same regiment. We were seven men strong on this time out plus one civilian in the form of Bill Hague's wife, Liz. We didn't kick off until 4:30pm however we had little to complain about given the fine weather. After the march, we headed over to Lillie's Times Square on West 49th Street where we celebrated a job well done.

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Buying tickets for the Iron Horse Waiting at Merillon Station Your Correspondent inside the 69th NY's Armory Frank Sitko and Jerry Kennedy From Bull Run to Baghdad A Shaker hat with Boxwood The massive facade Back inside MUSTER ROLL Just before First Call First Sgt Jim Heine Tom, Bill, and Jerry Today's 69th NY has already finished Marching in a double column Waiting for the No.6 1, 2, 3... Resurfacing at Grand Central