Living History at Gettysburg National Park

Gettysburg, PA

July 7 - 8, 2012

While not exactly a repeat of last year's First Manassas (a/k/a HOTnassas) the heat at this year's Gettysburg National Park Living History was still a challenge... over 100F on the Saturday and in the 90's on Sunday. Hardier (crazier?) members of the Mifflin Guard including our Colonel coalesced in the shade that Saturday morning on Pleasanton Avenue to form two Companies, the 67th NY contributing six men to the Second. Wisely, our demonstrations were reduced to 20 minutes each, three times on Saturday, twice on Sunday, with lots of time spent under the shade of our Fly. Fortunately, having learned our lesson the hard way last year we had no casualties in the ranks but some of the public were not so lucky.


Pleasanton Avenue Second Company Get in the Shade Raising Canvas
The Temp Adjutant Sole Survivor Company in Column Ranger Holbrook
Bugles Sound Off Ice Angels Deliver Over 100F By Company into Line
Second Company maneuvers Firing by File Changing Front Firing by Battalion
Closeup on Second Company Firing by Company Ready to Stack Lending Guidance
Imparted Wisdom MUSTER ROLL Company Boulevard Ranger Holbrook