General Regis de Trobriand Ceremony
at St. Ann's Church

Bayport, NY

May 12, 2012

At the invitation of the Sayville American Legion, the 67th NY participated in a ceremony honoring Major General Pierre Regis De Trobriand who is buried in the cemetery of Saint Ann's Church in Bayport. A French emigre, the General was the leader of the 38th and 55th New York Volunteer Infantry units and played a pivotal role at the Battle of Gettysburg as a Brigade Commander. With the help of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Sons of Union Veterans, Company H of the 14th Brooklyn, and the 10th New York Cavalry we honored the Genearl on a perfect Spring day using some rare manual of arms and maneuvers that are unique to these ceremonies. Local photographer, Tim Butler, also provided some excellent coverage of the event.


Company H, 14th Brooklyn Civilian Max Explaining Reverse Arms
Manual of Arms
Starting the march Entering St. Ann's Cemetery Reverse Arms The Drummer Boy
The Guidon The 10th NY Cavalry Perfect Alignment Approaching the Grave
The Color Guard Maneuvering into Position At Shoulder Arms 1SG Warren McDowell
Mr. Waldron Post Master of Ceremonies George Munkenbeck Rest on Arms