East Northport Middle School

East Northport, NY

May 14, 2012

For the second Cavalry event this season, we joined Patrick Falci (General A.P. Hill), Doctor Callaghan (7th Louisiana), and Ms Diane Fish (30th Virginia), however we had to divide our forces. Upon the 10th NY Cavalry's request, Sergeant Kent (Your Correspondent) donned the gray... well, actually, butternut... to represent Confederate Infantry. The rain held off and fortunately there was no hostile fire between the 67th NY and its errant Sergeant.

The Galvanized Sergeant The 9th TX Infantry Permission to Fire Returning Rammer
Fixing the Cap The Sergeant goes Rogue Sabre Rattling The galvanizing horseman
The General's One-Man Show Temporary Convert The Forage Cap Our Telegraph Office
Our Telegraph Office Confederate Camp The Captain's Pistol Accoutrements
The haversack Cartridge Box and Cap Pouch The Musket A Rare Sight
Who's the Target? Thinning Crowds Prez and V.P. The Outlaw Josey Wales