The Battle of Antietam

Boonsboro, MD

September 7 - 9, 2012

Confronted once again with dueling 150th Anniversary events, the Mifflin Guard opted to attend the 'Maryland, My Maryland' reenactment in Boonsboro and so the 67th NY followed sending a record 17 men on the road. We formed First Company of six with the 61sth NY and some members of Company B of the 20th Maine. A strong but short monsoon interrupted our Saturday public battle and canceled the night tactical however the money shot, the Cornfield, went off perfectly early Sunday morning complete with a blood red sunrise piercing through dense fog. Sunday's afternoon battle for the public wasn't as dramatic but went off without a hitch.

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Chief Musician Doug Grunn Friday night morning Muster Roll Adjutant Andy Siganuk not taking care of paperwork skirmish drill David & Johnson Lunchtime Waiting for the afternoon battle scenario Major Rich Adams Quartet imbibing some cough medicine we already have a casualty a monsoon derailed our battle plans battle was finally engaged The Confederates emerge The Mifflin Guard holding their position the Union line advances Charging off The Rebels begin their advance Colonel Washburn leading First Company Facing the Enemy