Living History at Plymouth Church

Brooklyn, NY

October 29, 2011

The First Long Island returned to its birthplace, Plymouth Church, in Brooklyn Heights to perform a Living History with Company E of the 14th Brooklyn. Both regiments were supported and financed by Reverend Henry Ward Beecher, probably the most famous preacher in 19th Century America. His brother, James, and son, Henry Barton, both served in the First Long Island. Our host, Lois Rosenbrook, gave us a tour and a riveting history of the Church's pivotal role in the abolitionist movement leading up to the war including Abraham Lincoln's visit just prior to his election as President. The basement served as stop in the Underground Railroad. Plymouth Church and the Brooklyn Historial Society displayed period artifacts in the Arcade. Unfortunately, after so many months of hard work preparing for this anniversary, we were struck with a freak October snowstorm that drove us indoors. Fortunately, the Church has a cavernous indoor hall that served us well. Despite the snow, we soldiered on and no one had any regrets making the tough ride in to see this underrated gem of such historical significance.

Nurse Schnupp Sergeant Marshall's ingenuity a short presentation Company E, 14th Brooklyn the origins of the First Long Island the Church's basement the Underground Railroad In the Arcade Max, Mike, & Will Private Crowley with the Sarge Our younger members New recruit Jerald Lane Sergeant Kent displays his wares Foursome stacks arms in a church basement Jerald and Tom Big church one of the largest indoor spaces in America Our host, Lois Rosebrooks February 26, 1860 Your Correspondent Our First Sergeant MUSTER ROLL