The 150th Anniversary of the Battle of First Bull Run

Manassas, VA

July 22 - 24, 2011

As a mocking gesture to General Sheridan's quote 'War is Hell', Mother Nature sent us for the First Battle of the Sesquicentennial weather conditions that can only be described as 'infernal'. With temperatures of over 100 degrees from Friday through Sunday it was a miracle there were not any real deaths on the field. The organizers prepared for just about every contingency but this freak heatwave stretched everyone to their limits. Nevertheless, the 67th NY sent a dozen men down to Virginia and all returned home safely. Never was a reenacting medallion more painfully earned.


Under a Blood Red Sun Our Florida Guest Little Relief Under the Fly Let's build a FIRE!
Morning Muster Roll Red Shirts and Havelocks No Mercy Full Capacity
Crazy Captains Private Hague Captain Browne Preparing the Company
The Guard Marches Out A Company of Marines Leaving the Coats Behind Frank Ruiz of the 14th Brooklyn
Spotting a Sibley Battalion Volley Into the Fray The Guard in Reserves
Private Bob Alonso Cavalry Charge Fresh Fish and Old Salt Private Bennett