Memorial Day at Green-Wood Cemetery

Brooklyn, NY

May 29 - 30, 2011

For the first Memorial Day of the Sesquicentennial, Chief Historian Jeff Richman of Green-wood Cemetery invited us to camp on the grounds for the weekend and take part in an illuminary procession on Sunday evening. Hundreds of volunteers placed small 'candles' next to the new headstones installed for the thousands of Civil War Veterans discovered thus far within the grounds. In addition to ourselves, the Sons of Union Veterans, the 14th Brooklyn, 52nd NY, 9th and 57th Virginia, the Cavalry, plus artillery assisted in drawing attention to this often neglected part of our history. This event really was a sequel to the 'No Longer Forgotten' commemoration held four years previous in 2007 when Mr. Richman and his crew started finding veterans in such unexpected numbers. Just as then, on Memorial Day morning we paraded up to the heights containing many of the Veterans and descendants spoke of their ancestors and us Living Historians did our best in making sure they were 'No Longer Forgotten'.


The Gang of Four Camping in Brooklyn Let Us Rest Under the Shade of the Trees Visitors in camp
The Begging Barrel Private Gil Renschak Practice, Practice, Practice Gothic Gateway
Life Imitating Art This one is for the Engineers Parade Rest A View from Battle Hill
Posing with Minerva Waving at the Lady in the Harbor The Drummer Boy Examining the new headstones
The Illuminations Private Benson of the 67th NY Seconds The Doctor and the Hewitts
Raising the Next Generation The Public Arrives The 14th Bklyn in Marching Column Ray and the 57th VA