Third Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange

Sayville, NY

September 24 - 25, 2011

The forecasted washout never materialized and so our Third Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange went off without a hitch. Public attendance had never been greater and the 67th NY fielded its largest showing ever of twenty-four for both Saturday and Sunday. We had our friends from the 9th Virginia and 30th Virginia filling out the Confederate camp while Company H of the 14th Brooklyn set up their Hospital. We too had our first ever hospital staffed by our new Surgeon and Nurse. We also had our very first Sutler, the Florance Drum Company, who braved Long Island traffic to do respectable business. The Sons & Daughters of Union Veterans gave us a hand on Saturday as did the Blacksmith and local artisan, Jamie Reason. And of course there was plenty of music with Dylan and Fairchild on Saturday and the Old Bethpage Brass Band on Sunday. Both the battles and Saturday Night's candlelight tour were crowd pleasers and media coverage had never been greater with both Newsday and Cablevision Channel 12 shooting video that can be seen on our Home Page. Special thanks to the public, especially Larry Chatterton and Tim Butler for contributing many of the photos. This will be one tough act to follow...

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Loading Up for a Long Day Our Chapel Confederate Drill Shooting Ducks
Practicing Fife Under the Captain's Fly An Enemy in Our Midst Happiness is a Warm Gun
Teaching Loading and Firing Buckle that Haversack An Officer's Pistol Keeping the Fire
Into a Marching Column No Coffee, No Work Our Turn at Drill At Shoulder Arms
CHARGE BAYONETS!!! Keeping Cadence Surgeon George Munkenbeck And the battle begins
The Union Response Right Wheel! Enemy Fire Let 'em Have it!