Lincoln in New York Exhibit
New York Historical Society

New York, NY

March 6, 2010

We returned to the New York Historical Society to support their Lincoln in New York exhibit and check out the displays ourselves. Two former members (Chris Schnupp & Joe Nappi) temporarily fell into our ranks to augment our numbers and assist with the steady flow of patrons on this exceptionally sunny and mild March day.

our display table An interesting array of paintings Setting out all our wares drilling along Central Park West Loitering on the corner Hardee hat with blanket roll The lecturn The uniform of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth an oil painting of the 7th Regiment listening in on some Copperhead conversation staunch Unionists This was far more extensive A death mask of Abraham Lincoln a comparison between Springfields and Enfields loading and firing a flock of inquiring ladies Joe Nappi & Chris Schnupp a closer inspection Your Correspondent a smaller exhibit on John Brown this very unusual flag Hudson River School paintings a 'block' of tea Was this meant to attract the public? MUSTER ROLL