The Mifflin Guard School of the Soldier
Allaire State Park

Farmingdale, NJ

April 9 - 11, 2010

The Mifflin Guard & the New Jersey Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee combined forces at Allaire State Park to present an early war impression of civilians tranforming into soldiers and conduct our annual School of the Soldier. We shake off the winter's rust, the public gets a good show... every wins. Given the mid-April setting, we brought along the tent & stove from Camp Ernest that provided a heated refuge that provoked awe and jealousy amongst the other regiments. Four men from our ranks joined in this new venture that also included a visit from President Lincoln and a ride on the park's train to imitate the soliders going off to war. As both participant and visitor were equally impressed, this just might become an annual event

First road event Our heated accomodations the recently converted Bob Hutton making breakfast Objects may be closer than they appear Campfire of the 12th New Jersey Colonel Washburn in a Shako hat Mr. Hutton playing the pennywhistle use a little imagination Bob & Gary Jim Heine of the 61st NY At the flatline Meanwhile. MUSTER ROLL Sunday morning breakfast a few rounds of golf Company drill Captain Browne The President pays a visit If only we had these waiting to be transported to the front Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln the last ride they will ever have