Living History at
Suffolk County Historical Society

Riverhead, NY

September 26, 2009

To support their exhibit, Patriots Come Forward: Suffolk County's Role in the Civil War, the Suffolk County Historical Society invited us to perform a Living History in front of their premises to lure in visitors. The President & Vice-President set up their tents & table respectively and entertained and taught a steady stream of the curious. A conveniently placed traffic light on Route 25 provided a captive audience at red lights when we fired off our volleys. The exhibit itself was impressive and included artifacts from the 5th, 69th, 127th, and 165th New York but, alas, none from the 67th.

on the historical society's front lawn temporary camp period bayonet one of the rare ocassions firing volleys together more common use for the bayonet The Corporal loading his musket return the rammer with the pinky Aiming & Firing Another possible prospect? Blowing off more powder The Corporal on guard Corporal Kent the Patriots Come Forward Having a stroll Herny Prince of Company H, 127th New York Benjamin Tyler Davis of the 5th New York For those wishing to enlist A closer inspection Brian studies SEEING THE ELEPHANT