Living History at Sachem Public Library

Holbrook, NY

August 1, 2009

Sachem Public Library invited the local Civil War living history community to set up an encampment to coincide with their 'Journey to Emancipation' exhibit commemorating Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday. Along with the 10th New York Cavalry, the 9th Virginia, and Diane Fish of the 30th Virginia (cooking demonstration) we entertained a continuous flow of visitors on this fine summer Saturday. The 67th NY fielded seven men and we performed drills and firing demonstrations for the public, taking turns with the other units. Special thanks to visitor Kerry Gauthier who posted photos on Flickr and also to the Cavalry's own Frank Bradford for taking such professional pictures.

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Sgt Casey Marvin Glassman the first visitors of the day During inspection We've done better stacked tuning forks The 9th Virginia The 9th Virginia expressing themselves Our 'Cookie' Diane Fish spicy chicken gumbo Lt. Farr & Pvt. Avellino Dining tent Private Casey Private Casey appeals to Frank Lt Farr and Sgt Casey newly designed flag