Educational Program
William Covert Elementary School

Rockville Centre, NY

March 20, 2009

We kicked off the school programs with our first ever visit to William Covert Elementary in Rockville Centre. This being the First Day of Spring, Mother Nature delivered flurries of snow clearly seen on many of the photos. Prepared as the children were for this weather they were very enthusiastic in layering up with our woolens during our Lincoln Fashion Show.

our humble camp outside Muster Roll Our newest members it's only a joke, kids 40 rounds Greatcoats were especially popular extra layers of wool 'foraging' with his forage cap Slouch hat over the forage cap a full pack frying pan tin plate, utensils, and a cooker 'housewife' boxwood in our forage cap Saving the best for last Present Arms Order Arms nine steps for loading Fully loaded fire between the snowflakes