Living History at Gettysburg National Park

Gettysburg, PA

July 4 - 5, 2009

Mother Nature delivered the goods this year for our annual Living History on Gettysburg battlefield: sunny, dry, breezy, and with temps only in the 80's we could not have designed a better environment for ourselves. Unfortunately, the climate could not counter the far gloomier economy and so we fielded just over 80 men in lieu of the usual 180 in past years. Not coincidentally, the crowds of tourists taking advantage of our 'free' services were never greater. The 67th NY comprised Second Company along with men from the 12th NJ and the 1st and 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves. The National Park Service did not conduct their usual Ranger Walks however on Saturday we marched to the Wheatfield to assist the 61st NY in rededicating their monument. On Sunday morning, Colonel Washburn took a company of volunteers to demonstrate bayonet drill next to the Pennsylvania Monument. As this form of drill is not performed very often this was worth documenting. Many of the commands are in French and many thanks to the Colonel for providing the proper captions for each photo.

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shopping at S.G. Marino's The Bonnie Blue flag Lee's HQ the Eternal Peace Monument Curiosity Killed the Sergeant Getting into character assumed our alias identities the Corporal shows us some moves always time to teach the public An early evening trip Soldiers' National Monument Waking on the battlefield Nothing like waking up to this sight The Gettysburg rail station The Lincoln Diner Pleasanton Avenue Corporal Kent and the Colors Private Neall the Color Sgt's 'Mini-Fly' Guard Detail guarding vigilantly from the shade Blue and Mild skies NP Ranger Tom Holbrook Our Brethren in the 61st NY