The Battle of Picacho Pass

About 40 miles northwest of Tuscon along the I-10 you will find Picacho Pass,
site of the Western Most Battle of the Civil War

The actual skirmish took place just beyond the Interstate & rail line in the foreground...

Union Captain William Calloway ordered Lt. James Barrett with 13 men around the north side of the Picacho Mountains (in the distance)
and Lt. Ephraim Baldwin with 12 men around Picacho Peak to the south (behind) to meet with Barrett’s force.
These two units were to conceal themselves, hold their positions and not engage the enemy lookouts unless their escape to Tucson was imminent.
Calloway’s main force of 200 men would then enter Picacho Pass from the northwest (at left), attack the Confederate encampment,
and proceed to Tucson.

June 14, 2009