Educational Program
Signal Hill Elementary School

Dix Hills, NY

April 13, 2007

The 10th New York Cavalry invited our regiment to assist their educational program at Signal Hill Elementary School in Dix Hills. Along with Patrick Falci's renown impression of the Southern General A.P. Hill, we had three stations for Union Cavalry, Union Infantry, and the Confederacy. Unlike other school programs, we only had 20 minutes to squeeze in a history lesson that normally takes an hour. Another challenge: the weather. It was dry outside but never did we have a colder, windier day for teaching the kids. Given that we had wool to keep us warm (and it wasn't nearly enough), the children were far braver than us. We were rewarded with a 30 second story on Cablevision's News-12 Long Island (if you blinked, you probably missed us)

A contemplative Mr. Hutton General A.P. Hill coffee break for the horses Bill and Virginia his second, Frank Bradford Our Lieutenant took a temporary demotion our bayonet-tipped muskets Between classes Rivals on field our National Corporal Kent the Canteen soldiers staples The Captain loading and firing Delivering a clean volley The Sergeant takes questions some last few words competing with horses