4th Annual Smithtown Historical Society
Civil War Program

Smithtown, NY

May 18 - 20, 2007

Once again, Rain forced us indoors for the annual school program at The Smithtown Historical Society. The kids were braver this year and we entertained 850 out of an expected 1,200. The 119th NY and 10th NY Cavalry rounded up the Union contingent while the 9th, 30th, and 57th Virginia plus the Surgeon from the 7th Louisiana represented the Rebellion. The weather was far better on Sunday when we had the rare pleasure of seeing former comrade-in-arms, John Ernest. Tragically, this would be our last meeting before his untimely death later the same week.

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our battles emblazoned Look familiar? must be inventive his new shillelagh gum rubbers came in handy The Brush Barn showing off his haverlock the 9th Virginia's table Breaking in the Fresh Fish Rogue's Gallery demonstrating loading and firing FIRE!!! FRIDAY'S MUSTER ROLL ONE LAST PHOTO Shoulder Arms Support Arms getting into a column Badge of the Bitter Root The 119th NY Dave & Bob the 9th VA