General Twiggs' Surrender
at the Alamo

San Antonio, TX

February 10, 2007

Your Correspondent was once again invited by his friend, Mike Dawes, to fall in with his regiment, the 9th Texas Infantry, for their annual re-enactment of General Twiggs' Surrender of the Alamo to the Texas Militia. This Easterner discovered that on February 16, 1861, a few weeks after Texas's vote for secession, the Texas Militia surrounded the Federal garrison at the Alamo, demanding their surrender including all Federal property. General David Twiggs, seeing he was greatly outnumbered, issued the order to relinquish control of the Alamo and in return the Federals were granted safe passage for the coast and transport back to the North. Had General Twiggs resisted and shots fired... the Alamo, and not Fort Sumter, would be remembered today as the start of the Civil War. The day's demonstrations took place in the morning and afternoon and were organized by the 6th Texas Infantry. This certainly was a history lesson for someone not well versed in the war's Western Theater.

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All Quiet at the Alamo Your Correspondent The historic Menger Hotel Your Correspondent Slept Here Pvt. Mike Dawes one of the Texas Militia Dan and Mike Lt. Col. Brad Quine Curiosity Killed the Corporal Harris and Son Chatting Secesh and Federal Dusty's 6th Texas Waiting in the Plaza The Texas Militia starts to assemble getting the men in order Just about ready The enemy is about ready Marching off of the Plaza Wait for it we re-enter the Plaza The Texas Militia