18th Annual
Neshaminy Civil War Reenactment

Bensalem, PA

April 28, 2007

This year for the Mifflin Guard's annual reenactment at Neshaminy State Park our regiment fell in with the 33rd New Jersey and the just inducted 28th Massachusetts. This was our first time falling in with either and apart from one unsubstantiated report of 'improper contact' on the battlefield, all members of the 67th returned from the tactical and subsequent battle unharmed and most pleased with the results.

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throwing out the blanket rolls Mr. Hutton special effects  strolling down the Company street Bill David Fourth Company stacked arms Company commanders Colonel Scott Washburn Major William Magargle Rich Adams lunching out of our haversacks Voting knees buckle The Vierling Brothers What? Me Worry? Jim Heine wardrobe malfunction The Congregation Your Correspondent The public loves the artillery The Mifflin Guard's musicians Stacked Arms Look at ME!