No Longer Forgotten
Memorial Day at Green-wood Cemetery

Brooklyn, NY

May 28, 2007

Over five years in the making, Jeff Richman, Chief Historian for Green-wood Cemetery and his army of volunteers identified over 3,000 Civil War Soldiers interred within Gotham's most famous burial ground. It is estimated that there may be another seven to eight thousand additional still yet to be found but rather than wait any longer, Green-wood decided to invite the Civil War Reenacting community to help commemorate the fallen this Memorial Day. The U.S. Sharpshooters, the 14th Brooklyn, Patrick Falci (as Rebel General A.P. Hill), and the 119th NY's Old Bethpage Band all assisted in honoring these men. Our Regiment looked forward to this event for over a year but this was a bittersweet Memorial Day for the 67th NY. We expected our fallen comrade, who passed only days before, to have joined our ranks on this day... John Ernest may not have been with us in body but surely he was with us in spirit.

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over 1,000 fresh new stones Corporal Casey The Main Gate Brothers Reunited Pvt Hanson One of our Own One of our Own Even the Rebs join in One of our Own One of our Own the Sons of Union Veterans Sgt Marshall General A.P. Hill we formed up at the Main Gate dressed for mourning the 119th NY's Band The Modern Color Guard in marching column The Lieutenant orders us forward Not a step out of place media heavy 650,000 graves U.S. Senator Not all fighting for Union wore blue