Living History at Fort Mifflin

Philadelphia, PA

September 22 - 23, 2007

For the second year, The 61st NY invited us to join them for a living history demonstration at Fort Mifflin. And just as last year, three from the 67th NY made the trip including two first-time visitors to the Fort. In addition to drilling demonstrations for the public, we had a couple of tactical skirmishes inside and outside the Fort. Plus we helped in making an educational video for the Fort's school programs.

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Arriving at Fort Mifflin on Saturday morning Your Correspondent's second visit The First Timers Mike and Jerry Scene Stealing our first demonstration Right Face Forming Company Lt. Bill Johnson and Captain Mike Browne By Company Into Line Captain Mike Brown Firing by company Getting ready for another volley Putting the Fear of God The Fort's Hospital exploring the many casements these served as prisons Not much light Casement no.5 Sgt Major Frank Szczytko Keeping us on our toes evil alter-Rebel-ego Regimental flag of the 61st NY a former employee of Fort Mifflin A view from the ramparts wedged between We had another skirmish Alas, Matt Kraybill Corporal Kent cleaning his weapon